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[It's August! Someone explain why we haven't had the gratuitous beach post yet?!

Either way, today is the day for it. Lie out and get some nice tan, stare at pretty girls in bikinis, play volleyball, build sandcastles -- you name it, as long as it's at the beach, go do it! You know you want to.

Posted with Maki because LOL, Maki on a beach.
31 July 2009 @ 08:33 pm
*ITP: There is a big ball of light in the sky coming for you. You may not notice, but it's there.

What do you do?
19 July 2009 @ 04:07 pm
[... and Hana's too awesome for a secondary. ♥

Somewhere, likely where you are, there's a girl snooping around -- alright, so maybe snooping isn't the best word, she's not really being furtive about it ... call it investigating. She is either one very lost tourist or directionally retarded, or both. ... or perhaps neither.

She doesn't look dangerous. Clearly this means you should investigate right back at her! Hana doesn't bite.

... mostly she just punches.
07 July 2009 @ 01:43 pm
*Tanabataaaaa. A time for... well, mainly to write wishes and have fun in weird clothes, but there's some tradition here. I think. Regardless, most people are only paying attention to the fun clothes and festival stuff. People are around, the Akiharas are out at the shrine next to their house, etc, etc. Mingle, festival, and I need to not put up these posts anymore, I'm clearly not good at it.*
06 July 2009 @ 05:06 pm
[In the nearest café or on a bench somewhere in the city (choose yours for convenience), there's a pretty good-lookin' Korean boy, fiddling incessantly with a cell phone. He appears to be sending text messages very rapidly, but they're in Hangul - so if you can't read it, you can't read them.

There's also a map of Ingakankei next to him; it's marked in Sharpie and most of it is in messy Hangul. There are bits written in Japanese, but it's mostly things like "Civic Center" and "Third Avenue" and the like. The handwriting varies.

By all means, bug him. He doesn't bite. Not normally.

[n: vanessa's back, everybody say 'yaaay'! she's reachable via aim at pistoiperfect for anything you need. still proxying until an apartment can be found. fall looks optimistic.]
05 July 2009 @ 03:04 pm
Ehhhh? Where are we?

*A boy has just walked out of a random door in Ingakankei. Any door necessary. The odd thing is, he wasn't actually on the other side of the door first, if you notice these things.*
25 May 2009 @ 10:41 pm
[on the roof of the Sanctuary's North Tower, a thoughtful psychiatrist is being thoughtful. it's hard to tell whether those thoughts are good or bad, happy or sad, but they certainly do seem to be deep]

[If you haven't seen it, the view of the city from the roof of the North Tower at three in the morning must be seen to be believed. it is at times awe-inspiring, at times humbling, at times romantic, sometimes soothing and sometimes humbling. and, just sometimes, it's all those things at once. wonderful place to come just to think and clear your head a bit]

[it goes without saying that if he genuinely wanted to be alone, he wouldn't be hanging out somewhere this accessible so feel free to pester him, come to him for advice, or just keep him company for awhile]

<i> (no clue where this is going honestly. atm Will's feeling a tad introspective, but he's an adaptive boy so his mood will probably shift in pretty short order to match that of whoever turns up)
Current Mood: introspective for now
20 May 2009 @ 06:49 am
[ There's an apartment. There's loud noise and screaming and you might hear something breaking, you can hear muffled voices ]


[You can hear a girl screaming followed by a thud]

[A teenage boy's disgruntled voice echoes, ]


[Kallen hisses]



[Kallen screams again and 'Haseo' growls ]

( Kallen felt pity for the odd Haseo and she's letting him stay in her house...well, she was going to. Now she's changing her mind.)

18 May 2009 @ 01:36 am
*So it must be hard not to notice that there is a five-foot-high redhead wandering the streets today- especially with hair that red.

Unfortunately, the street is crowded.

Also unfortunately, she is not paying attention to where she is going in favor of staring hard at a deck of cards she's holding in one hand and muttering to herself under her breath.

Needless to say, calamity strikes when she runs headfirst into a stranger and cards go flying everywhere. Her voice becomes quite loud as she starts almost-screaming in an unidentifiable language, then cycles through French, some German, and English for a few moments before finally settling into Japanese.

It's at about that point (unless you speak any of the other languages) you realize that the words she's using should never be found in a lady's mouth. Or anyone's for that matter.

She bends down to pick up the cards, still swearing lowly. Help?*

((Beth realizes this is late, but she got excited. Feel free to tag if you'd like when you've got some time. I'll be out until maybe 4 or 5pm MST the 18th, but I can pick up after that.

Okay Beth is back! I'll be out again for 2-3 hours around 7pm MST.

17 May 2009 @ 09:17 pm


[You have a disoriented looking guy standing outside an ordinary apartment. Note the strange appearance and the weapons in his hands. His crimson eyes are dazed and is that sweat on his cheek? He's panting and his eyes are darting back and forth. ]

What the..what the hell is going...what happened...my character...I...[he breaks off into frantic mumbling, eyes stricken]

[ Feel free to be scared stiff of him. He's clad in spiky black armor, has red eyes and a trapped expression on his face. Oh and he's carrying as scythe. A big ass scythe.]
[Btw. It's Kallen-mun. And this is Haseo. Ohai. c: ]